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Important Computer Objective Questions for SSC CGL 2023||

Important Computer Objective Questions for SSC CGL 2023:-

 1. In Computer the data is stored in which forms?

Ans:- Binary

2. Which command is called as 3 finger salute in computers?

Ans:- Ctrl + Alt + Delete

3. Which Command is not used to switch off the computer?

Ans:- Hibernate

4. Control Unit is called the ___ of a computer.

Ans:- Nerve Center or Brain

5. Instructions to computer are given through _______

Ans:- Input unit

6. What is the typed , submitted or transmitted data called in a computer system?

Ans:- Input

7. All the machinery and equipments of computer are called ______

Ans:- Hardware

8. Organized files can be stored in ___.

Ans:- Folder

9. What is a collection of information saved as a unit called?

Ans:- File

10. Cut , Copy and Paste option are found in ____ menu.

Ans:- Edit

11. What does an information becomes after input into a computer?

Ans:- Data

12. In which graphics, digital photos and scanned images are typically stored with

extention such as: .bmp, .png ,jpg ,gif.

Ans:- Bitmap

13. which Indian IT expert is called "the father of the Pentium processor"?

Ans:- Anand Chandrashekhar

14. Which Process refers to the starting up of a computer and the loading of the required

parts of the operating system into the RAM?

Ans:- Booting

15. what is defined as "a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers

and execute specific tasks"?

Ans:- Software

16. A screen in a software program that permits the user to view several programs at one

time is called?

Ans:- Window

17. Small & Cheap Computers built into several home appliances are of which type ?

Ans:- Micro Computers

18. ENIAC was ____

Ans:- An Electronic Computer

19. Which was the First super computer purchased by India for medium range weather


Ans:- CrayXMP-14

20. A portable, personal computer small enough to fit on your lap is called a _____

Ans:- Note-book computer

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