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Important Gk Questions for RRB NTPC, RRB Group D and other competitive exams.

 Most Important One Liner gk for RRB NTPC, RRB Group D and other competitive exams.

Q.1. world's driest place

ans: Atacama Desert Chile

Q.2 . world's highest waterfall

ans: Angel Falls

Q.3. world's largest waterfall

ans: Guayara Falls

Q.4. world's widest waterfall

ans: Khon Falls

Q.5. world's largest salt water lake

ans: Caspian Sea

Q.6. world's largest fresh water lake

ans: lake superior

Q.7. world's deepest lake

ans: Lake Baikal

Q.8. world highest lake

ans: Titicaca

Q.9. world's largest artificial lake

ans: Volga Lake

Q.10. world's largest delta

ans: Sundarbans Delta

Q.11. world's greatest epic

ans: mahabharat

Q.12. world's largest museum

ans: American Museum of Natural History

Q.13. world's largest zoo

Ans: Krueger National Park (D. Africa)

Q.14. world's largest bird

Ans: Ostrich (Ostrich)

Q.15. world's smallest bird

ans: humming bird

Q.16. world's largest mammal

ans: blue whale

Q.17. world's largest temple

Ans: Temple of Angkor Wat

Q.18. tallest statue of mahatma buddha in the world

Ans: Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Q.20. world's largest bell tower

ans: The Great Bell of Moscow

Q.21. world's largest statue

Ans: Statue of Liberty

Q.22. World's largest Hindu temple complex

ans: Akshardham Temple Delhi

Q.23. world's largest mosque

ans: Jama Masjid - Delhi

Q.24. tallest mosque in the world

Ans: Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo

Q.25. world's largest church

Ans: Vasilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)

Q.26. longest railway line in the world

ans: Trans - Siberian Line

Q.27. longest railway tunnel in the world

ans: Seikan Railway Tunnel Japan

Q.28. world's longest railway platform

Ans: Kharagpur P. Bengal 833

Q.29. world's largest railway station

ans: Grand Central Terminal New York

Q.30. busiest airport in the world

ans: Chicago - International Airport

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