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Important Gk Questions for RRB NTPC and RRB Group D| Important Constitutional Ammendments|

Important Constitutional Ammendments:

Important Constitutional Ammendments:

Important Gk Questions for RRB NTPC and RRB Group D and all other competitive exams.

1st constitutional amendment 1951 = Land reforms (changes right to private property)

7th 1956 = State reorganization committee has been formed.

12th 1962 = Goa & Daman Diu added in India by operation Vijay.

24th 1971 = Now parliament can take amendment on fundamental rights.

42nd 1976 (Mini Constitution) = Fundamental duties added by recommendation of Saradar Swarn singh committee.
Term period increased of Loksabha & Vidhansabha from 5 to 6years.
Incorporated “Socialist, Secular & Integrity” words.

44th 1978 = Term Period of Loksabha & Rajya sabha changed from 6 to 5 yrs.
Right to property act removed from fundamental rights and added in a new
article 300A.
Word “Internal Disturbance” were substituted by “Armed Rebellion”.

52nd 1985 = 10th schedule (anti defection law has been added)

61st 1989 = Voting age had been decreased from 21 to 18.

70th 1992 = Delhi & Puducherry also participate in election of president.

73rd 1992 = Panchayti Raj act.

74th 1992 = Municipal Corporation act.

86th 2002 = Education is a fundamental rights.

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