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🎯 How to crack SSC CGL in first attempt without coaching ||

📌How to Crack SSC CGL in first attempt without coaching

How to Crack SSC CGL in first attempt: All about SSC CGL

How to crack SSC CGL in first attempt without coaching

SSC CGL is one of the most demanding exam in India. Cracking this exam in first attempt is what lakhs of aspirants hope for.

But, the current situation of unemployment forces most of the aspirants to get a secure job under government of India. So the competition gets fierce. You would think that this is not possible but believe me when I started my preparation, I also thought so. 

But remember this quote:

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says 'I'm Possible!

 Then this question comes to everyone's mind, is it possible to crack SSC CGL in first attempt without coaching. But believe me, it is possible. You can crack SSS CGL in first attempt by doing self study, for this you need a little genuine guidance. 

In this post, I'm going to walk you through my journey and to suggest you some simple smart tips, which will help you a lot, I hope.

How to crack SSC CGL in first attempt without coaching

Let's start your preparation step by step : Crack SSC CGL in first attempt

  • Go through the whole syllabus and the exam pattern
  • Find your weakness
  • Smart strategy for English
  • Smart strategy for General Knowledge
  • Smart strategy for Maths
  • Smart strategy for GI
  • Mock test
  • Solve Previous Year Paper
  • Maintain regularity
  • Group Discussion
  • Be motivated and determined

Go through the whole syllabus and Exam pattern

 The first step is to go through the syllabus properly and study the exam pattern as well. Since there is a separate syllabus for different exams, this is a crucial step.

 After going through the syllabus, you have to focus on the exam pattern like in how many tiers this exam is conducted. After that you have to analyse the questions pattern like how many sections are there, how many questions are there in each section, how many marks each question carries, negative marking etc. and the most important thing is the given time period.
Syllabus for SSC CGL
General Knowledge
  • India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining History
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • Economic Scene
  • General Policy & Scientific Research
  • Spot the error
  • fill in the blanks
  • synonyms, antonyms,
  • spelling/ detecting misspelled words,
  • idioms & phrases
  • one word substitution,
  •  improvement of sentences
  • active/passive voice of verbs,
  • conversion into direct/indirect narration
  • shuffling of sentence parts,
  • shuffling of sentences in a passage,
  • cloze passage & comprehension passage
Quantitative Aptitude
  • Number System
  • Percentage
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Square roots
  • Averages
  • Interest
  • Profit and Loss
  • Discount, Partnership Business
  • Mixture and Alligation
  • Time and distance
  • Time & Work
  • Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra & Elementary surds
  • Graphs of Linear Equations,
  • Circles, Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Circle, Right Prism, Right Circular Cone, Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere, Hemispheres
General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • Analogies, similarities and differences, space visualization, spatial orientation, problem solving, analysis, judgment, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, 
  • Arithmetical reasoning and figural classification, arithmetic number series, non-verbal series, coding and decoding, 
  • Statement conclusion, syllogistic reasoning etc. The topics are, Semantic Analogy, Symbolic/Number Analogy, Figural Analogy, Semantic Classification, Symbolic/Number Classification, Figural Classification, Semantic Series, Number Series, Figural Series, 
  • Problem Solving, Word Building, Coding & de-coding, Numerical Operations, symbolic Operations, Trends, Space Orientation, Space Visualization, Venn Diagrams, Drawing inferences, Punched hole/ pattern- folding& un-folding, Figural Pattern-folding and completion,
  •  Indexing, Address matching, Date & city matching, Classification of centre codes/roll numbers, Small & Capital letters/numbers coding, decoding and classification, Embedded Figures, Critical thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence

Download Syllabus PDF, also with Statistics : Click here.

Exam Pattern

📃 Tier-I: Computer Based Examination:

SubjectNo of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 2550
General Intelligence and Reasoning2550
General Awareness2550
English Comprehension2550

📃 Tier-II: Computer Based Examination 

SubjectNo of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 200400
English Comprehension200400

📃 Tier-III: Pen and Paper Mode (Descriptive paper) 

         Descriptive Paper in English or Hindi (Writing of Essay/Precis/Letter/Application etc.)

📃 Tier-IV: Computer Proficiency Test/ Data Entry Skill Test (wherever applicable).

         In the Tier-IV, Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) and Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) will be conducted.

After going through the syllabus properly, you might have seen that the weightage of English in SSC CGL is 50% of total marks ( tier I- 50/200, tier ii - 200/400, tier III - 100/100, if you choose to write tier III in English language) and the weightage of Maths is almost 35% of total marks ( tier I- 50/200, tier ii - 200/400) 

So, you have to give special attention in Maths after English. But the tricky thing is most aspirants do well in English but fail in maths. Here, you should be your own judge. If you think, you have good command in English then maximum efforts should go to math section.

Find Your Weakness and Work on It

To find your place among lakhs of aspirants, you have to attempt a mock test and see where you stand.
Many will say that you should not attempt mock test without preparation, it'll lower your confidence level. But, trust me if you take it positively this will be strong foundation of your journey.
By analysing the mock test, you would get to know your strength as well as your weakness. Now the next step is to revise the topics you are strong at and give special attention to the topics you are weak at. Make sure you make a list of your strength and weaknesses.

Smart Strategy for SSC CGL : GK Section

If you want to crack SSC CGL in your first attempt then giving least attention in this section would be a smart choice. 

But, I'm not saying you to ignore it completely, rather follow these smart steps given below-

1. Pick any book of your choice 

2. Read it thoroughly

3. Mark the informational point, that you think, can be asked in exam. Don't have to memorize all the facts. At first you might be perplexed, but after taking a few mock test you will be much more confident about what to study. If you ask me personally, it took me about 6-7 months to realise this. 

4. There is a saying that it is better to read one book five times rather than reading five books once. So, you have to follow one particular book.

Smart Strategy for SSC CGL : ENGLISH Section

 As I have already mentioned before, this section carries maximum marks you should give special attention in this section. Here few drops of my experience:

Error spotting is the most difficult part. Having the basic knowledge of grammar and habit of reading English, be it newspaper, story books, magazine etc. will be handy in this particular topic. 

Watching sports and Hollywood movies, a part of our pastime plays a vital role to expedite your English learning. It's like killing two birds in one stone. Not only grammar but also this will improve your vocabulary like synonyms, antonyms.

Smart Strategy for SSC CGL : MATHS Section

After taking first mock test, I hope you have found out your strength and weaknesses.
Now pick up any math book and start solving chapter-wise.

Here I must say, first take a book of easy to moderate difficulty level.

Here some list of books

Now few tips for maths :

1. One of the main key is practice. Mathematics is a subject that requires you to apply your knowledge to solve maths problem, which also means you will have to understand the concepts.  

2. Formula sheet can be your best friend. During solving maths problems, note down the formulas that you seem to have forgotten. It will help you a lot before the exam.

3. Calculation speed plays a vital role in this section.

4. As mentioned, Mathematics is a subject that builds on previous and existing knowledge. Without a strong foundation of the basic chapters, you may find yourself struggling to make it through the next chapter. so, you have to give same attention to each chapter.

Smart Strategy for SSC CGL : GI Section

This is also a scoring section but an easier one. Practicing SSC CGL Previous Year Papers is sufficient to score good marks in this section. Do expect one or two tricky questions in this section. Pick any book and start solving. Through solving previous year paper, you prepare this section.

Catalyst of Your Journey: Mock Test

I would like to say from my own experience, mock test will work like a catalyst in your preparation journey. The more mock tests you give, the closer you will get to your success.

After attempting mock test, analysing part is most effective. You have to analyse each questions to find out your exact position.

Prepare your daily routine and try to follow it:

Many a times when you wake up in the morning, you must have a thought what I'm going to study today. So, this makes it difficult to decide what my plan is.

And you know, without goal nothing can be achieved in life.

If you have a purpose or goals in life, nothing can stop you...except yourself.

In the "Manjhi-The Mountain Man" movie, you might have seen When that guy tried to carve a road through the mammoth peak, many people thought he would never achieved it.
But to his sheer determination and self believe, he was able to achieve it. 
The persistency he showed led to his success. 

So, remember three key words to crack SSC CGL in your first attempt, determination, persistency and patience.

Be the "Manjhi" and you will definitely succeed.

Let's discuss a few things that will help you to make daily routine -

If you are capable of reading 10 pages a day or do 200 sums a day, then set that goal. Don't set a goal reading 20 pages a day or 400 sums a day, which would be stressful for you and you will get demoralised. 

So setting a smart routine will make your journey blissful. 

If you want me to share my routine which I followed during my preparation I will like to share it with you. Let me know in the comment section if you are interested. I hope it'll be helpful.

Solve Previous Year Paper

As we have seen, SSC has a habit of repeating previous year question or question type. So practicing SSC CGL previous papers is the key to Crack SSC CGL. Beside this you also need to solve practice sets as well as mock tests. 

If you are taking this exam for the first time, solving SSC CGL previous year papers will give you an idea of the levels, types of questions asked in SSC CGL previous year examination.

You can read this article, here you can download SSC CGL Previous Year Question Paper. Click here. 

Group Discussion

Group discussion is very important for your preparation. What this does is, it improves your confidence level, garner more knowledge into you. There is a saying "Knowledge increases by sharing not by saving ”. If you discuss with your friends, it'll help you understanding the topic.
You can learn new things and new approach of solving Maths.

It also provides you with an opportunity to asses your personality. While discussing topics with other Students or friends, you come to know about your leadership quality .

When you study a topic, you may bear some uncertainties or ambiguities in your mind about the topic. So, through group discussion it can be cleared. 

So, if you utilise your free time by discussing different exam topics inspite of gossiping with friends, it'll be more helpful to crack SSC CGL in your first attempt.

Be Motivated and Determined

Not just SSC CGL, it is very important to be motivated to crack any exam. 

Actually it's a lengthy process, the whole exam is divided in 4 tiers and it takes approximately 2 years for the whole exam to be conducted. Watching motivational videos does help. Reading biographies of successful heroes of our country not only keeps you motivated but also make you a better version of yourself. You wouldn't know when and where in your journey you might need to pick one or two things.
Hopefully now, you understood what you actually need to do to crack SSC CGL in first attempt. But always remember that, nothing can be happened without proper time management. Never forget the value of time, use it wisely.

Time is NON-REFUNDABLE. Use it with Intention.

If you have a very good planning, but you do not know how to manage your 24 hours then it will never work. So, in this journey you may have to make some sacrifices. But always remember one day when you will see your name on the final list the look on your parent's face will tell you, it was well worth it. The sea of happiness will engulf you. Without any further delay, just start your journey to achieve your goal.

I am wishing you all the best for your exam. Hope you will ace it. Good luck.

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Download SSC CGL Previous Year Paper with Solution PDF: CLICK HERE

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